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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Granny square baby blanket | Bebisfilt av mormorsrutor

I like small projects that one actually has the possibility of finishing. And I have always wanted to learn how to crochet. So a granny square blanket seemed like the perfect project! The squares are finished one by one, which makes it easy and fun to see how the blanket grows. And it was kind of addictive too: "I'll just make one square tonight. No two. No three..." You get it.

Since we recently had a baby, a baby blanket seemed like the right thing to start with. I didn't want it to look to "baby-ish" in pastels, but wanted a more colorful look. And the yarn I used is one of my favorites, the Hillesvåg Superwash, a 4-ply machine washable 100 % worsted wool. It's Norwegian and I ordered it from Britts butik since my regular yarn store doesn't carry it anymore

It turned out nicely, I think, and I got some spare yarn that I used for another baby project. I like!

Summary in Swedish: Jag har alltid gillat mormorsrutor, och har dessutom alltid velat lära mig virka. Så en babyfilt av mormorsrutor var ju finfint att börja med!

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