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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello world! | Hej världen!

I'm really excited about this blog, and I feel proud that it's finally happening. I have discovered that life is so much more fun when I manage to find the time for crafting, or simply browsing and planning fun, creative, and stylish ideas.

Create Oh la la, you say, what does she mean? Well, I have always liked the French (I think) Oh la la expression, it brings a sense of glamour and can be used in a happy as well as a sort of surprised way, and I like it. Happy surprises are always welcome in my house!

Enough with the introduction, it's time to start blogging!

Summary in Swedish: Hej och välkomna till bloggen som vill inspirera och inspireras att skapa lite mer oh la la i livet. Vad det nu betyder... Något positivt och överraskande, förhoppningsvis! Pysselguldkant på tillvaron, om ni så vill.

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