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Monday, May 28, 2012

The amazing outdoor cakes | De fantastiska friluftstårtorna

I have been away for the weekend, learning about new ways and ideas to get kids interesting in exploring the outdoors. It was super inspiring, and I have met more than a hundred fun, creative people that know everything about what's out there in the woods! 

And then there was also me. Who don't know everything, but got some exciting ideas for the year to come.

Yesterday they arranged a little celebration, and a woman who had helped organizing had made the awesomest cakes I ever saw. Aren't they over the top? Tiny details and fun solutions - I am mostly impressed by the lake made out of blue jello.

I really have to improve my cake baking skills ...

Summary in Swedish: Jag har varit på konferens med Friluftsfrämjandet i helgen, för att fortbilda mig som barnledare och lära mig nya lekar, övningar och sätt att få ut barn i naturen. Helt kul och inspirerande, men det som verkligen fick oss alla att tappa andan var de helt enkelt fantastiska tårtor som en tjej ur den arrangerande lokalavdelningen hade bakat. Jag måste verkligen öva mer på att baka tårtor ...

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