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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The cutest strawberry baby hat you ever saw | Sockersöt jordgubbsmössa

This hat is so cute I'd like to eat it. No, seriously.

When I first started dating my husband, the first thing he said when we talked about children in general was that if he ever had any, they would all wear strawberry hats. I sort of agreed, but didn't explore the subject any further (Did he mean at all times? To bed? Until what age?). But when our first son was a baby we must have forgotten all about it, because he never had one.

No worries though, we're making up for it with baby I who can't escape this cute creation.

I haven't knitted this one myself, but if you want to give it a go there are several free patterns online. If you have a link to a pattern that you've tried and liked (or disliked!), please share it in the comments field! I might want to knit one myself (maybe a blueberry one?), and I bet there are many others who'd like to try it as well. Am I right?

Summary in Swedish: Denna sockersöta jordgubbsmössa pryder nu bebis I. Det var på tiden, vi glömde helt av det när A var mindre. Jag har inte stickat den själv, men gratis mönster finns på nätet. Tipsa gärna i kommentarsfältet om ni har något favoritjordgubbsmössemönster, eller har provat ett mönster som inte blev bra.

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