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Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter feathers | Påskfjädrar

I really like Easter feathers. They look like candy at the flower's market, and - yet again - it is something that brightens up this grey month. I am really REALLY happy spring is around the corner now.

To make this holiday season a little bit longer, I usually decorate the branches with feathers only at first. A few days before Easter, I add the other decorations.

Swedish Easter decorations come in bright colors, you can buy the branches "ready-made" at the market, or buy feathers and decorate yourself. Inside and outdoors, if you like.

From the children's book classic "Måns och Mari om våren" by Kaj Beckman

Summary in Swedish: Jag gillar påskfjädrar. Gillar deras glada färger och att de ser ut som smågodis.

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