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Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Superhero peg dolls. Or superhero bowling? | Gör-det-själv: Superhjältedockor

When traveling with kids, it's usually a good idea to bring small presents or surprises that can be handed out along the way. It kills time. And when I suddenly saw really cool superhero peg dolls everywhere on blogs, for example the really REALLY nice ones made by Homemade by Jill and lil blue boo, I figured they might be a good thing to bring on our skiing trip.

They were fun and quite addictive to make, and I must say they did the trick during the trip. The dolls were a huge success, even though A pointed out that Batman was missing. Well, I have promised to paint a Batman doll soon too. No problems. And the knight is not really a superhero, I know, but I so wanted to use the silver paint. Do you recognize them all? I am especially fond of Buzz Lightyear and Darth Maul (or Darth Owl maybe? He kind of looks like one...). Darth Maul of course got a double laser sword made by a painted match, but I have no picture of it.

The dolls were easy to make, even though I needed a very thin brush at times. It took some time to finish them though, since each color needed to dry before the next one was added.

I couldn't find the "boyish" peg dolls that the American bloggers used, so I went with what the Swedish craft store offered, resulting in quite chubby superheroes. Maybe they can be used as a bowling set as well?

Summary in Swedish: Jag har målat superhjältedockor i trä. Mycket roligt om än lite pilligt.

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