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Monday, March 12, 2012

Five things I pinned on kids' birthday parties | Fem saker för barnkalas från Pinterest

From The Indigo Bunting
We thought about doing this for A:s fifth birthday party last Saturday, but ended up with putting the tail on the lion instead. Maybe we'll toss things next year?

From Williams-Sonoma
The only cupcake option for a Star Wars lover.

From Daily Candy
For everyone else, there are these cuties.

From Catch My Party
The photo booth trend hasn't really hit Sweden yet, but I know it is (or has been for a while at least) well known and used in the US. Have you tried it at a party? I'd like to, with props and all.

From LittleRetreat's shop on Etsy
And last but not least - how about mustache straws? Would actually work just splendid on a party for grown-ups as well...

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Summary in Swedish: Här är några bra idéer till barnkalas jag markerat på Pinterest på sistone. Följ mig här.

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