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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Felt Easter Egg Warmer -- tutorial and pattern | Gör-det-själv: Äggvärmare till påsk -- instruktioner och mönster

When I was little, we had egg warmers at Easter and I loved them. So, this year I decided that it was time I made my own set. They are super simple to make, and are made out of - wait for it - felt.

Below is a tutorial for those of you who'd like to whip up a few for Easter. I promise, this is a quick project!

You need: yellow, red and white felt, sequins, yellow thread, and glue. That's it.

Above is one of my mom's original ones, and below are the two pattern pieces in cardboard.

Fold the yellow felt and adjust the pattern along the folded side. Pin or mark with a special marking pen, and cut the two layers at the same time.

It might be easier to cut the folded fabric if it is secured with a few pins.

Cut one piece of the smaller pattern piece in red felt. This will become the hen's (or rooster's maybe?) beak and comb. Put the red piece between the two yellow layers, so that a bit of the beak and comb sticks out, creating the hen/rooster. Pin the pieces together.

With a sewing machine (or by hand if you like), sew the three layers together with one seam.

Cut out two circles of white felt (I used a small button as pattern). Use two sequins in a color that you like, glue them to the white circles, and glue the eyes to the bird.

Done! Easy peasy, right? Please let me know if you have questions, or if something is unclear. This is my first tutorial ...

I made a set of four egg warmers, but will probably make more. I have to buy more felt first though, I used the good stuff from Wollfilz.

Here are the pattern pieces, ready to print out. Make sure to print them in 100%, check that the measuring line to the left is accurate compared to your own measuring tape.

Happy Easter!

Summary in Swedish: Jag har sytt äggvärmare i filt, efter en modell vi hade när jag var barn. De är busenkla att göra, allt du behöver är gul, vit och röd filt, gul tråd, paljetter och textillim. Skriv ut mönsterdelarna ovan, klipp ut delarna (observera att den gula filten ska klippas dubbelvikt och mönstret ska läggas kant i kant med den vikta kanten). Sy ihop på maskin eller för hand, och limma fast ögonen. Klart! 

Glad påsk!