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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A knitted Yllet scarf | En stickad Yllet-halsduk

My favorite scarf is one that I've knitted years ago with yarn and a pattern from Yllet, the fantastic yarn store in Gotland that is - very sadly! - now about to close. This scarf is warm and soft, and huge! 120 x 20 inches, or 3 m x 50 cm! It's perfect on cold days, and it can double as a blanket or even a throw.

I have bought so much yarn from Yllet in the past, the very first thing with a more advanced pattern and several colors that I knitted was a pair of Yllet mittens for my sister when I was twelve. I couldn't figure all parts of the pattern out, but since it was to be a Christmas gift I didn't want my mom to know either. Instead I went to the Yllet store every now and then, and the nice lady in the store helped me with my knitting questions. The finished mittens looked something like in this picture (only more wobbly looking):

From Yllet
If you are a knitter, and happen to be in Visby, or in Stockholm (but hurry, their Stockholm store closes tomorrow!), I strongly recommend you to stock up on their yarn and knitting kits. I think you can still shop on their web site as well. I will certainly buy the material for the scarf below, it's lovely and I really like how the colors shift.

From Yllet

The scarf above is way more advanced than the one I knitted already though. That pattern seem to be out of stock, but it's so simple that you don't really need one. I used their regular 100 % Gotlandic wool and knitted the whole thing in garter stitch on large sized needles.

Happy knitting!

Summary in Swedish: Yllet är ett av mina favoritställen när det gäller att köpa yllegarn och mönster! Men nu stänger de sina butiker... Mycket sorgligt, men skynda skynda, än finns det tid att handla! Gå till deras hemsida, eller besök Stockholmsbutiken (idag - de stänger i morgon!) eller butiken i Visby som stänger efter sommaren.

Min favorithalsduk har jag köpt garn och mönster till hos Yllet. Den är fantastisk, varm och mjuk och tre meter lång. Hurra!

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