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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Five children's book storage solutions | Fem sätt att förvara barnböcker

This week I've, as usual, selected five pictures that I've pinned on Pinterest, and since we are redecorating the boys' rooms I am totally into storage of kids' stuff. And we have a LOT of children's books! So I present to you - five awesome ideas for the storing of children's books:

From Vintage
A really good use of a dead corner.

From Sunshine on the inside
Believe it or not, these shelves are made out of vinyl rain gutters!

From On the banks of Squaw Creek, via Babble
Isn't this clever? Great for small spaces, or if you like to rearrange your furniture a lot. No marks on the wall! See how she did it here.

From House of fifty
Who wouldn't want a book tree?

From Dejligheter, via Apartment Therapy
And - I've saved the best for last - this fantastic idea that I'm totally going to copy for baby I's room. A library style drawer-turned-into-book storage! I love it! This way of displaying books is perfect for babies and toddlers, and this looks so much nicer than the Ikea boxes we have had in A's room. I'm so going to construct one of these, pictures will come!

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Summary in Swedish: Den här veckan delar jag med mig av bilder och idéer kring barnboksförvaring! Titta och inspireras! Följ mig på Pinterest här!

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  1. Oh, am in heaven, I love your site! what a breathe of fresh air...♥jjf