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Monday, April 9, 2012

Five things made of Hama beads I pinned last week | Fem saker av rörpärlor från Pinterest förra veckan

I admit it, I got somewhat inspired by my Hama bead Easter eggs. These plastic pearls are really the best, and if you need a project for kids they are also perfect. I realized I have collected Hama bead ideas for some time, and here are a few I have pinned on Pinterest.

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From Mini eco
Lovely candle holder.

From fine little day
A nice collection of 70s' Hama bead baskets, read more about them in Fine Little Day's Lucky guest post here.

From Craft and Creativity
I will definitely make these! I have seen this idea in several places, but Helena at Craft and Creativity makes the nicest looking ones. And she has the nicest looking tutorial.

By Superskurk, via Amio
Isn't this baby mobile the cutest thing? It has a sun above it as well, fun!

From Flores de Celofán
We will make Hama bead coasters for summer. And nothing says summer like a storm trooper, right?

Summary in Swedish: Den här veckans Pinterest-tema är pärlplattepärlor, eller rörpärlor som de egentligen heter. Låt er inspireras! 


  1. Tack för att jag fick vara med och för dina fina ord! :) Vilken härligt inspirerande blogg du har.