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Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Map flags | Gör-det-själv: Kartvimplar

My son really likes maps, and to make something nice for his room I made him map flags. I made sure to include places important to him, such as where we live, where his grandparents live, places we've visited on holidays, and exotic places he'd like to go to someday ("the jungle", Antarctica, etc). Hopefully the flags can be something to look at and talk about at bedtime, I'd like that!

The flags were really easy to make, apart from the mentally challenging part of having to CUT into a book. That just felt wrong, but one has to do what one has to do.

I wanted to get an old vintage atlas at first but couldn't find one, and when I came across this really cheap one at a book sale, I figured it was a better choice. The vintage one might have looked nicer, but for a five year old that asks questions about everything, it is better with maps that shows countries as they actually are today.

I used a see-through paper for my template, since it was great to be able to adjust it so that the flag showed what I wanted. 

 The I cut out the flag, folded the flap, and glued it onto a string. Easy peasy!

Summary in Swedish: Jag har gjort ett kart-flaggspel till A:s rum. Jag såg till att flaggorna visade platser som betyder något för honom, eller platser han vill åka till (djungeln, Antarktis etc...).


  1. Gillart! Har alltid gillat kartor. Kul se din gula duk med vita prickar. Den verkar vara i var mans hem nu för tiden, även mitt. Gula var den snyggaste hittills. Borde köpt den.

  2. Tackar! Ja, duken är verkligen populär, och man blir glad av den! Tyvärr håller den inte så länge, borde köpa en till att ha på lager... Har i andra färger också, gillar prickar!